Greer has worked as a lead maternity carer midwife for many years in Dunedin and sees first-hand how many disposable nappies are being sent to landfills each year. Speaking directly with new parents it became clear that although many families are keen to make the switch to reusable cloth nappies often it is too overwhelming, especially when there are so many types of cloth nappies and cleaning methods to navigate. 

Toosh & Co. was created to offer a cloth nappy hire and laundry service for busy families. Greer's mission is to make sustainable practices convenient and affordable for parents. Toosh & Co. offers a service providing unbleached cotton cloth nappies, which are commercially cleaned using biodegradable detergent ingredients and solar energy. Solid waste reduction is the main driving force behind this business - Toosh & Co. is looking out for this little world we live in while providing a product that is gentle on your baby's skin.

Founder of Toosh & Co. - Greer Boyd with partner Callum & fur baby Frank
Photo by Ariana Leilani Photography