This pack gets your started on your journey to reusable nappies. We will set you up with 5 waterproof covers plus enough cloth pre-fold inserts to get you going. A nappy bin and soiled laundry bag are also included. We will even provide a demonstration when we deliver your pack to ensure you feel confident using Toosh & Co. nappies.

Twice-weekly your soiled cloth nappies will be collected and replaced with commercially cleaned cloth ready to go. All you need to do is wash the waterproof outers lightly if they become soiled during use.

At the end of your subscription with Toosh & Co. you get to keep the nappy covers and the bin you have purchased through the 'Starter Pack'. All bags and cotton nappy inners provided by us must be returned at the end of the service.

Please note:
- colours available are white, rose and mint (as pictured).
- preferences can be made by emailing us following your order confirmation. 
- colours are subject to availability at the time.
- actual colours may vary.

120.00 NZD